Friday, February 3, 2012

Starting Over

Starting over is challenging:
It's harder to get motivated, your strength is diminished, you don't move as fast as you did before, and everything takes more effort.

But on the bright side:
The trail is familiar, you know where the potholes are, you know what mistakes to avoid, you've done this before, you know what your limitations are, and you know what you're capable of doing.

Added bonus:
The sunrise is just as beautiful as it ever was. ;-)


  1. Hi Mike,

    This morning during my long commute, I was reflecting on some recent setbacks in my training for a second marathon. I was also thinking about the Reason Rally in Washington DC this weekend, and how exciting it will be to see so many atheists come together at one time. It suddenly struck me that it might be fun to combine these two interests in a blog, and I could call it The Godless Runner! A quick search turned up your blog (great minds do indeed think alike), and I'm glad I found it. I especially liked the entry about your second marathon. I will also check out your other blog. Keep up the running, and great writing. Now back to the drawing board for a new blog name....


  2. Thanks Joe. I've considered putting "Godless Runner" on a running shirt. I've seen so many others at running events wearing shirts with "Running for Jesus", a Bible verse, or some other religious statement.

    At first I thought of just putting "atheist" on a shirt, but some of the religious folks tend to read too much into the word, and out of 1000+ runners, I fear that at least one might be inclined to make a scene.